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Our Social Investment Service

The social Investment FUND 
Trafford should be a Borough where no one is marginalised or discriminated against due to financial circumstances and everyone has the chance of a decent and secure life. This means being able to heat your home, pay your rent, pay for essential items such as food, clothing, household bills, transport, and participate in social and cultural activities. Each year we will commit 10% of the previous year's operating profit to contribute to the alleviation of poverty and inequality in Trafford and surrounding areas.

Our anti-poverty and inequality priorities

We are interested in work which..

1. Strengthens families and communities, by enabling people to

  • Feel safer at home and in their neighbourhood
  • Become more involved in their community
  • Get and stay physically healthy
  • Protect and enhance their mental health
  • Access services or support which are tailored to their needs

2. Increases household incomes and reduces living costs, by helping people to

  • Get affordable goods and services.
  • Make their money and resources go further
  • Access benefits or other income which they may be entitled to

3. Enhances prospects for life through improved education and skills, by empowering people to:

  • Build practical skills and qualifications
  • Improve access to opportunities
  • Achieve their full potential
  • Develop personal skills such as confidence, resilience and independence

4. Builds the local economy to benefit everyone, by supporting activities that

  • Help local people to enter employment or improve their chances of getting a job.
  • Start and grow successful businesses
  • Keep money circulating locally
  • Help employers to find, develop and retain local talent
If your work, projects, plans or ideas for the future have potential to contribute to one of these four things then we are interested in seeing if we can help.

We offer financial and non-financial investment to you and your organisation that will enable you to make this difference.

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