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About Us

The social Investment FUND 
Trafford should be a Borough where no one is marginalised or discriminated against due to financial circumstances and everyone has the chance of a decent and secure life. This means being able to heat your home, pay your rent, pay for essential items such as food, clothing, household bills, transport, and participate in social and cultural activities. Trafford Housing Trust makes around two million pounds a year available to contribute to the alleviation of poverty in Trafford and surrounding areas. Our Social Investment service seeks to eliminate poverty.

We have four priorities:
  1. Boosting household incomes and reducing costs 
    For example, (but not limited to): Work which supports individuals to access the financial support they are eligible for; work which supports people into better paid jobs; work which reduces the cost of household bills or essentials such as energy efficiency projects or food co-operatives. 

  2. Improving education standards and increasing skills 
    For example, (but not limited to): Work which supports disadvantaged groups into housing, employment or training; supporting people to gain the skills to find work; supporting school leavers into work or further education; supporting children from low income families to succeed in school.

  3. Creating long term economic growth 
    For example, (but not limited to): Activities which create better job prospects such as more jobs offering at least a Living Wage; greater job security; opportunities for job progression. Or activities which connect big employers or spenders to local businesses and neighbourhoods.

  4. Strengthening families and communities 

    For example, (but not limited to): Work which supports communities to create local solutions to local problems; mental health support; family and parenting support; projects focusing on pre-school development for low income families.
If your work, projects, plans or ideas for the future have potential to contribute to one of these four things then we are interested in seeing if we can help.

We offer financial and non-financial investment to you and your organisation that will enable you to make this difference.
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