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Grant Funding

Our financial support is given through grants of different sizes which can be applied for online.

To be eligible for funding, your work must meet at least one of our anti poverty priorites and benefit people in Trafford.

Before applying online, please check our Eligibilty page for further information.

Our online application portal never closes - we have no deadlines or funding rounds.  We accept applications of all sizes, all year round. Click below to find out more about what you will need to apply for each grant.

• Micro Grant (up to £500)

• Small Grant (£500 - £2000)

• Medium Grant (£2,000 - £10,000)

• Large Grant (£10,000 - £100,000)

The type of organisation you are will affect how much you are eligible to apply for. For example, if you are an individual, you will only be eligible for a Micro Grant of up to £500.

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