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Financial Support

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Our financial support is mainly through grants of different sizes which can be applied for on line. Our new online application portal never closes!  We are now open all year round, and have different easy to access forms suiting the size of grant you are looking for.
·      Micro grants of up to £500. To help your informal group or new organisation to start making a difference locally.
·      Small grants from £500 to £2000. To help your community-based organisation make a local impact.
·      Medium grants from £2000- £10 000. To help your established organisation do some solution-focussed work meeting a well-evidenced need.
·      Larger grants of £10 000 and more. To help your growing organisation to develop sustainable work with potential to prevent poverty.
·      Repayable Social loans. To support organisations working to address poverty who have the potential to generate income. Whilst we are not currently offering this, we hope to be able to in the near future.
We also want to proactively encourage work which meets identified needs and some interventions and activities will be commissioned with partners to address specific needs.
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