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Non Financial Support

Additional support the team can offer

Investment means more than money to us. If you are working towards our priorities then we want to also offer you our time, knowledge, skills and networks to help you be successful. We have a team of three Capacity Builders who can support you in the following ways:  

Coaching for success.  Focussed conversations in a one-to-one or group setting will help you set a goal for yourself or your organisation and work out the practical steps to get you there. 

Income Generation.  Whether you are interested in gaining charitable grants, finding paying customers, or accessing public sector commissioning, we can help you find the right mix to achieve sustainability.  

Business support.  Our private sector partners include some of the region’s largest employers, and leaders in fields from marketing to commercial law.  We will link you in to access their volunteers, their resource, and their professional expertise.

Connecting.  Our networks expand across public, private, voluntary and community sectors, and to local, regional and national levels. We can introduce you to the partners who will best help your organisation to increase its impact.    

Get in touch if you would like to hear more about our non-financial support.


“I found it really helpful to have you reflect back my plans and vision and our meeting has left me feeling energised, focused and inspired for the next phase.”


“Thank you so much for that great session … even as I write this I feel an up-swell of the feelings and drive I’ve kept with me since that meeting!”

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