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Eligibility for Funding

Have a look at the criteria below to see if you're eligible to apply for one of our micro, small, medium or large grants.

To be eligible for our fund...

1. Your work must meet one (or more) of our anti-poverty priorities:

• Strengthens families and communities

• Increases household incomes and reduces living costs

• Enhances prospects for life through improved education and skills

• Builds the local economy to benefit everyone

2. Your work must benefit people in Trafford (and may also involve people in surrounding areas).

These are the essential criteria for any level of funding, from £500 to £100,000.

The type of organisation you are, will affect how much you are eligible to apply for. For example, if you are an individual, you will only be eligible for a Micro Grant of up to £500.


Micro (<£500)    

Small (£500-£2000)    

Medium (£2000-£10,000)    

Large (£10,000-£100,000)


You can check how much your organisation is eligible for through our application portal. If you find you are not eligible for the amount you require, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to explain what you need to do to access a higher level of grant and support you in this.

You will find that your project is not eligible if:

• It does not meet one of our anti-poverty priorities

• It does not benefit people in Trafford

• It is for an activity that has already happened

• You are applying as a Company Limited by Shares

• It is used to promote or advance religion, to promote or advance a political stance, for animal welfare, travelling abroad, benefitting one individual, supporting a team to compete in a tournament or for a general contribution to fundraising appeals

• It is from a public body and solely for core or statutory activity where budgets already exist (including where budgets are not currently sufficient). We will however, accept applications from projects that deliver additionality or complementary impact beyond core activities.

• It is seen that your service potentially duplicates existing commissioned services. Where a service has previously been commissioned by Trafford Council, CCG or another partner, we will seek feedback from Commissioners as to why the commission was discontinued, whether they continue to commission any similar services, and any evidence or insight in relation to the quality and delivery of outcomes of the previously commissioned service.


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