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Applying for a Large Grant

A large grant of £10,000 or more can help your growing organisation to develop sustainable work with the potential to prevent poverty. 

To be eligible for a Large Grant, your organisation needs to have:

• a constitution

• a committee, or other governing group with at least three unrelated people

• a bank account in the name of the organisation

• a recent set of annual accounts

• to be incorporated, either as a charity or a company which does not distribute profits to shareholders

Your work needs to meet one (or more) of the following and must benefit people in Trafford (and may also involve people in surrounding areas).

Strengthens families and communities

Increases household incomes and reduces living costs

Enhances prospects for life through improved education and skills

Builds the local economy to benefit everyone

With our investment, you may be seeking to reach more people, get your help to them earlier, or help them to make more significant, lasting changes in their lives. In return for our largest investments, you may even be developing solutions to the root causes of poverty.

The application process for Large Grants has two stages. The first stage asks you to tell us about the relevant work your organisation does (including what you have already done which helps you to know you have the best solution for the problem you are trying to solve), the work you want us to invest in, and the difference it will make for local people.

If your expression of interest indicates that your work can make a significant impact against one or more of our anti-poverty priorities, one of our Capacity Builders will begin working with you. This will lead you to the second stage of our Large Grant application.

This second stage asks you to describe: how you will make sure your work fills gaps and builds on what others are already doing; how you will work in partnership with others; and what you can do to make sure that your impact continues after our investment ends. Your second stage application will also give more detail on the finances - this may be a cashflow forecast, or a more in-depth business plan.

The time from submission of expression of interest to a decision on your application will depend on the complexity of your proposal and how long it takes to develop your second stage bid with our support. At each stage we will let you know within 8 weeks whether you have been successful. If successful in stage two of your application, we will ask you to complete a grant agreement with us, once completed we aim to have the investment with you within 3 weeks. As a guide, please allow 20-25 weeks from submission of first stage application to receiving the first instalment of our investment if successful.



Please note: Our large grants start at £10,000. Currently this is capped at £50,000 per year for a maximum of a 2 year project.

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