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Virtual Committee


Virtual Committee





Overview of the Role:
The Virtual Committee assess, score and make decisions on our Micro and Small grant applications, with a value of up to £2000. As a Virtual Committee member you will be key to ensuring that all our grants are allocated fairly and transparently with maximum impact. You will also score and make recommendations to the Social Investment Board on our Medium and Large grant applications.
Accountable to the Social Investment Board you will:
  • Assess and make decisions on applications for the small and micro grants, aiming for a fast tracked process.
  • Assess and make recommendations to the Social Investment Board on Medium and Large applications.
  • Make proactive use of your local knowledge to review, assess and make recommendations on applications.
  • Demonstrate fairness and objectivity when making recommendations on decisions.
  • Actively ensure appropriate levels of monitoring and evaluation of outcomes and impact of the investments are undertaken and review these reports where necessary.
  • Maintain an overview of the distribution of the allocation of small investments; ensuring equality and diversity; address gaps and overlaps; and maximise the potential investment of the fund.
You will have:
  • The ability to meet deadlines and communicate effectively with the Social Investment Team.
  • Have a good local knowledge of community activity relevant to Framework’s priorities.
  • A basic knowledge of how community grant funding operates.
  • A working knowledge of outcome and impact focused investment.
  • A willingness to develop skills relevant to the role.
  • A commitment to continual learning and personal development.
You will have confidence and competence in:
  • Fair and impartial assessment
  • Customer Focus
  • Relationship building
  • Problem solving
  • Nolan Principles for Standards in Public Life.
You will demonstrate:
  • A commitment to acting responsibly and accountably
  • A desire to build open honest and respectful relationships
  • A motivation to create a fairer world
You will:
  • Ensure all activity is in line with the Framework’s objectives, scrutiny requirements, Transfer Promise agreement.
  • Ensure that the Social Investment Model complies with its governing document.
  • Take appropriate professional advice in all matters where there may be a material risk to the Social Investment Model.
You can expect to:
  • Be reimbursed for reasonable expenses.
  • Receive upon your appointment training for assessing, evaluating and scoring grant applications, including Confidentiality and the Nolan Principles. As you progress in the role there will be more opportunities and requirements for learning and personal development. 
  • Be asked to commit on average 1-2 hours monthly to the role. At quieter or busier times we may ask you to be flexible and do more or less than this average.
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