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We advise you speak to us before planning your application. Our application portal can be accessed here

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Supporting Families in Trafford during the School Holidays

Funding available for 2021. Deadline 1st Feb.


Schools, charities and local organisations across Trafford are being encouraged to apply for a slice of £100,000 grant funding from Trafford Housing Trust for holiday food projects in 2020.
Groups meeting the eligibility criteria can apply for the funding through the Trust’s Active Appetites programme, which since its launch in July 2019 has provided £130,000 funding and helped 1,640 children by providing around 16,000 free meals and 3,500 activity sessions.
Applications open on 4 January 2021 and close on 1 February 2021.
Larry Gold, Chief Executive at Trafford Housing Trust said: “Holiday hunger has been an issue in Trafford and throughout the country for some time, but due to the negative effects of the pandemic we are concerned that there will be an increasing number of families needing our support this year. This problem is something we want to tackle head on through the Active Appetites programme, and we look forward to working with organisations who can unite to ensure children and families across Trafford have access to food support when they need it most.”

We have £100,000 of funding available for food poverty projects supporting children and families during the school holidays.​
To be considered, your project must meet the following criteria:
  • Run during one or more of the 2021 school holidays from Easter through to Christmas
  • Due to the impact of Covid and changing restrictions, focus should be on ensuring access to food is a priority.
  • Alongside food provision projects can include ways to support parents, improve mental health, encourage social interaction, healthy eating and activities and to build community integration.
  • Any provision additional to food should consider what else is happening locally and use the opportunities to support families and signpost to other services
  • In addition, as we are working alongside Summer of Sports (TMBC) we are looking in particular for projects that can also provide food for children accessing the SoS activities running in August from Partington, Sale West, Sale Moor, Old Trafford and Broomwood
  • We are looking to spend our budget proportionally across the borough and all holidays. As a guide we anticipate funding between 10-20 projects.
Apply online through our application portal, following the usual process. 
Deadline for applications is Monday 1st February 2021. 
If you have any questions, please read our FAQs below, and if your question has not been answered email or call 0161 968 0151.

Active Appetites Flyer

Frequently Asked Questions

How much AA funding can I apply for?
There is no cap on how much you apply for. You can fill in the appropriate forms for micro, small or medium applications online.
We will aim to fund projects across the whole of the borough and throughout all school holidays from Easter through to Christmas. It is important you consider that our £100,000 of allocated funding will need to be divided up across many applications.
If you are thinking of running a project where costs may be high (for example due to activities or excursions) then we would encourage you to seek match funding for the project.
Is there a limit to how many days or weeks we can run our AA project?
No, you can run your projects throughout all holiday if you have the capacity and we can allocate you the appropriate amount of funding required.
Can we apply for funding for activities and food provision?
We have historically funded Active Appetites projects that focused heavily on activities, with the food being an additional support. This year, due to an anticipated increase in need for families and children to access food support during eth holidays, we are asking applications to see food provision as the priority with additional support being about ways to support parents, improve mental health, encourage social interaction and build community integration. This will enable projects to support families and have both a short and long term impact on their lives.
We are a school thinking about running a project. Does my application need to support the wider community, or can it focus on the pupils at our school?
We are happy for you to support the pupils at your school. We do ask that you demonstrate a need for the provision in your area.
Can you put me in touch with other groups/organisations in my area that are thinking of running projects? It will help us make sure our projects complement each other.
Yes, absolutely. We have dedicated Capacity Builders who can help connect you with other local organisations as well as your application. They work on an area basis, so please get in touch and we will connect you with the Capacity Builder for your area.
In addition, we will give ongoing support ensuring your projects are promoted to relevant frontline teams so that families can be referred in. This will boost your reach and allow maximum impact for the project. We will also offer opportunities for you all to meet and share your projects, supporting each other throughout the year.
Can you tell me more about what Summer of Sports is?
Yes. Summer of Sports is a programme of activity managed by TMBC in partnership with MUFC, LCC, Sale Sharks, Altrincham FC and other sports providers. They will be running drop-in activities in the Old Trafford, Partington, Broomwood, Sale West and Sale Moor areas during the Easter and Summer holidays. As they are running activities, we are looking to identify organisations wanting to offer food provision that can be accessed by the children attending the SoS activities as well as other children. If you are interested in being a food provider alongside SoS please speak to a Capacity Builder for support and more information.
If we are working in the same areas as Summer of Sports, should we only think about food provision or can we include other things too?
This will depend on what you are thinking of doing and when. We encourage a diverse range of provision and suggest you ensure projects are complimenting each other and considering different needs and interest.
Do we plan for everything to be outdoors in case of Covid-19 restrictions, or can we plan for indoors but have a contingency plan in place?
Aim to be realistic about what we might be permitted to do, especially in the first half of the year. We will be happy to support projects that have indoor plans but do ask you think about how that will impact on capacity and what might change if you need to operate outdoors.
What does a strong application look like?
Strong applications will demonstrate:
  • How your project will meet one or more of our priorities. Active Appetites will likely meet all or some of the following priorities:
  1. residents have access to affordable goods and services
  2. usage of community assets is increased meeting the needs of those locally
  3. residents feel more connected with their local community
  4. people within our communities have opportunities to take part in cultural, social and sporting activities
  5. residents are equipped with the knowledge and motivation to improve their physical health
  6. residents are better able to manage their mental health and lead full lives
  • How your project will demonstrate its outcomes - what indicators will be used?
  • An active consideration of other means of funding (e.g. match funding, in kind support other funders, income generation)
  • How your organisation and your project has engaged with the community.
  • A budget that is clearly broken down into its component parts.
  • A consideration of collaboration and joined up working. This creates better outcomes for people, efficiencies and better chance of sustainability. Who else out there is doing similar work?
When writing your application be clear; assume that someone reading the application has no background knowledge of your organisation and project. Avoid using jargon and unclear acronyms that are sector specific.
Will you fund core costs?
Yes - We recognise that core costs are incurred in the delivery of good services and are willing to consider funding them.
The costs incurred need to be suitably broken down within the budget section of the application form.
We have already received THT funding for a project, can we still apply again to deliver an AA project?
Yes. You can have up to 2 grants running at the same time or receive 2 grants within 1 year. In addition, the AA projects are counted as additional to other successful applications you have made to us.
Are there any items you don’t fund?
 We will not fund:
  • Activities that have already happened.
  • Activities run by a Company Limited by Shares
  • Anything that promotes/advances religion
  • Anything that promotes/advances a political stance
  • Projects linked to animal welfare
  • Travel Abroad
  • Activities that benefit one individual
  • Activity or services which the Government (National or Local) is obliged to pay for by law
  • Contributions towards general fundraising appeals
Can I get any help completing my application?
Yes, absolutely. We have dedicated Capacity Builders who can support you in completing your application. They work on an area basis, so please get in touch and we will connect you with the Capacity Builder for your area.
Can I get a word copy of the application form to work on?
Yes. Please email us for a word copy of the application form. You will still need to submit your final application online, but if you prefer to work from a word document, we can provide you with this.
If I have been previously unsuccessful, can I reapply?
  • You cannot reapply with the exact same application – you will receive the same response.
  • You will have received feedback from us regarding the outcome of your application. In some cases you may be able to adhere to the feedback, improve your application and reapply for the same project, in which case we advise you work with a Capacity Builder on your reapplication.
  • If you are applying for a new or different project and it is eligible for our funding, you can apply again to our fund.
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