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An update from us regarding COVID-19

Please see below for information on how we are responding and how we can support you.

Useful Online Resources

We've put together a list of helpful resources on how to move your business/charily/group online

Thank you to those of you who have been in touch regarding your plans for responding to covid-19. There is some fantastic work going on to adapt existing services and create responses to new needs within the community and we are really humbled to hear about it.
Monitoring and Evaluation reports
For all groups who currently owe us an EOG or 6 month report, or will owe us one in the next 3 months:
During this incredibly difficult time, we want to reassure you with regards to your monitoring and evaluation requirements.
If you currently have an six month report or end of grant evaluation due, or will have in the coming months, please be assured we appreciate the need for you to refocus your priorities and dedicate your resources on responding to the corona virus.
Please note:
Whilst we will be sending out notifications that 6 months reports and end of grant report are due, we are taking the following approach to lessen the pressure on your time:
  • We will not be sending any reminders for the return of reports until the need for social distancing has ceased.
  • For 6 month updates we will offer you the opportunity to provide a verbal update over the phone with your Capacity Builder.
  • Missed deadlines or lack of returns during this period will not affect future applications or requests for emergency support during this time.
  • Once social distancing has ceased, we will be flexible and agree with you the timescales in which you can get any outstanding reports to us.
  • If the outcomes of your project have been detrimentally impacted by Covid-19 we will understand how this is inevitable and this will not affect our assessment of any future funding applications from you.
For those of you who haven’t been in touch yet please do let us know if there is any way we can help you be creative and flexible in your approach to meeting the needs of the people who need your support, your staff and volunteers and of the wider community. In addition to recognising that you may find it difficult to meet agreed deadlines, monitoring and targets, we appreciate that:
  • You may face staff and volunteering shortages
  • Your management resources may be put under strain
  • You may need to adapt your services
  • You may face financial difficulties
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