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Out There

Established in 2006, Out There is a local charity supporting the families of prisoners.

Established in 2006, Out There is a local charity supporting the families of prisoners.  Their small team of staff and volunteers, based in Old Trafford, provides a range of services including support on practical matters such as housing and financial issues as well as emotional support including a calendar of family and wellbeing activities.  Their services combine to support to the innocent people- many of them women and children living in Greater Manchester’s poorer neighbourhoods- whose lives are impacted by the imprisonment of a family member.

We were introduced to the work of Out There in Summer 2019 by its new CEO Mark Turnbull.  On taking up the organisation’s reins, Mark had recognised its potential to reach and help more families affected by imprisonment, and his vision resonated with our own mission at THT Social Investment. So our Old Trafford-based capacity builder Jonathan Baker committed to spend some time with Mark, helping him and his team to work out how support from us could best help the organisation to move towards its ambitious goals. 

With Jonathan’s support it was identified that an investment from THT would enable the charity to make vital progress on two fronts.  Firstly, by contributing to the employment of a staff member dedicated to supporting a caseload of vulnerable families including through home-visits, advocacy with agencies, and help to access social or wellbeing activity.  And secondly, by investment into a bespoke technical solution to increase significantly the charity’s capacity to capture data showing the impact of all its work- making much easier the challenge of building fruitful and lasting relationships with funders, public agencies, and other key stakeholders.

The Out There team determined that a grant from THT Social Investment at Medium Grant level would provide them with the resource needed to make these plans a reality.  After Christmas they received the great news that their application had been approved by our board, who wholeheartedly welcomed the opportunity to invest in ‘this really interesting project, focusing on an area where support is clearly needed’.   

Just one month later, the charity is reporting that it the grant has strengthened its ability to support families affected by imprisonment.  Sharing with us just one example, Mark tells us:

“We have been supporting a family where Dad has been in prison. Mum and the 4 children have been very isolated, and eldest daughter in particular has found Dad’s absence very hard, this was having a knock-on impact at school.  Last week they attended a family day with us at Museum of Science and Industry- the first time they have done a day like that without Dad and they loved it.  A big step for them and their wellbeing going forward.”

We are proud to be investing in the work of a locally-based charity producing such positive outcomes for families affected by poverty.  We look forward to helping Mark and his team forge a path towards their longer-term aspirations, which include maximising the usage of the former Children’s Centre which serves as their Old Trafford base by linking in with similarly-minded community-serving organisations, and utilising the resource of their new Family Support Worker to ensure they are maximising the charity’s capacity to support Trafford-based families affected by imprisonment. 

A Medium Grant from THT Social Investment has enabled Out There to make its next steps into a strong and sustainable future.  To find out more on how we can help your organisation- take a look at the our website , where you will find information on our range of grants, as well as on our wider range of support.     

To find out more about Out There, head to their website:

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