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Social Investment Team Given Funding Champion Award for Dedication to Real Living Wage

Last night some of the team attended the Living Wage Champion Awards Ceremony held at the Guildhall in London hosted by Martin Lewis, where we were thrilled to receive a Champion Award for our work as a Living Wage Funder.


The Social Investment Team at Trafford Housing Trust was given an accolade for the Funding Champion Award as we promote the real Living Wage through our funding and grant-making processes. Trafford Housing Trust became a Living Wage employer in 2014 and has been committed to paying the real Living Wage rate to all employers and promoting the voluntary rate ever since. Following the establishment of the Social Investment Fund, Trafford Housing Trust became a Living wage funder in 2017.

Despite the Government’s National Minimum Wage, low pay is a significant contributing factor to the levels of in-work poverty we see across the UK. The real Living Wage is a rate independently-calculated based on what people need to get by rather than the minimum set by the Government (currently £9.00 per hour across the UK and £10.55 in London).

The majority of VCSE organisations support the payment of the Living Wage on principle. However, in practice resources are often extremely tight and the need to maximise impact and sustainability can impact on wages. In a sector dependent on volunteers, receiving any wage can be seen as a privilege. Therefore low pay remains a real challenge across the charity sector and as funders we have a role to play in supporting organisations in being able to address that. As a Living Wage funder, when organisations apply for wages we encourage a minimum of the living wage rate. 

Becoming a Living Wage Friendly Funder was an obvious choice for our Investment Board, committed to alleviating poverty across Trafford, supporting the Living Wage is a logical step for us to make. Our funding seeks to ensure everyone has the chance of a decent life, regardless of their personal circumstances. Ensuring that people are paid a fair wage for a fair day’s work is a good start. It is important that we use the resources we have at our disposal to advocate for and encourage other to do the same. It’s not just the individuals we fund that will benefit from the real Living Wage, but their families, the businesses around them and everyone connected with them.

Fay Jackson, Social Investment manager said "I’m incredibly proud to work for a living wage accredited organisation and to lead a living wage fund. Work contributes massively to our sense of self. Paying a wage which meets the real cost of living gives security and independence. As the first Housing Association to become a living wage funder we are thrilled to win a Champion Award. We hope that by sharing our experience other funders will sign up".

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