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Sport England funding (now closed)

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THT, as part of L&Q group, are committed to improving the well-being of the people who live in communities where we operate, which is why we are pleased to be involved with Sport England’s Tackling Inequalities Fund. The focus of this fund is to reduce the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic and address widening inequalities in sport and physical activity in general.
Data from the Physical Activity Attitudes and Behaviours survey, commissioned by Sport England during the pandemic, has highlighted widening gaps in activity levels across our existing priority audiences. Wider sector intelligence is building a picture that clearly shows that some of these target audiences are suffering more from the impact of the disease than the wider population. These groups are people from lower socio-economic groups, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, disabled people and people with long-term health conditions.
Some of the emerging evidence suggests that the coronavirus pandemic is likely to have a significant impact on how physically active these groups are. They are also likely to have higher mortality rates from coronavirus, which can create a culture of fear that results in people choosing to stay indoors to keep safe. Additionally, we know there is likely to be a greater impact on the financial status of these groups, which is the single greatest determinant of activity levels. Other evidence which is making us prioritise these groups includes:
  • People on low incomes – this group already has lower activity levels, and this has the potential to be exacerbated further by a slow return to normality. There are also concerns that the number of people in this group will grow as more people experience a significantly reduced income or job losses.
  • Disabled people or those with long term health conditions – we know that this group are likely to be self-isolating because of increased risk and that for many this is likely to continue even as lockdown lifts.
  • BAME communities – people from this group are more likely to be working in key roles either through health and social care settings or in wider sector roles. They also appear to be at higher risk from coronavirus, which could cause reluctance to take part in certain activities through fear of catching the virus.
The funding is designed to help clubs and community groups which encourage physical activity to survive over the next six months and keep those who engage with them active over the same period.
Your project will need to:
  • Reach one or more of the above audiences
  • Demonstrate a clear financial need for the funding sought
  • Demonstrate the existing relationship the club/group has with the target audience and the extent of its reach into the target community
  • Not be a duplicate application for funding already received from the Sport England Community Emergency Fund (N.B additional funding is Acceptable if a further financial need is evident)
  • Demonstrate the funding is for delivery of a new activity. This award cannot support existing work unless targeting new audience/location.
Funding cannot be used for:
  • Activities or costs which are covered by other government funding or Sport England’s Community Emergency Fund
  • Capital works
  • Activities promoting religious or political beliefs
  • Where there is a personal benefit to the individual
  • Any private business or profitmaking organisation unless they are a Social Enterprise or Community Interest Company
Deadline for applications: 18th August 2020
THT decision: 20th August 2020 (subject to Sports England sign off by the 27th of August).
Project start and end date: Between 1st Sept and 31st October 2020
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