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A Small Grant goes a long way

Trafford Leisure trains volunteers across the borough through our funding

In June 2018, THT Social Investment awarded Trafford Leisure £1,394 to train their dedicated community volunteers in order to support them to deliver best practise at their sessions and to ensure the participants receive a quality experience at the Healthy Hips and Hearts sessions across the borough.
Trafford Leisure have recently completed their End of Grant Report which has highlighted the ways in which this grant has been successful in meeting our priority of strengthening families and communities. 48 volunteers were successfully trained over the course of a year and 35 first aid kits were purchased, alongside improving the knowledge and skills of volunteers in the community.


The largest Healthy Hips and Hearts session Trafford Leisure manages often has over 40 people attending. All of the volunteers attended the first aid training in order to improve their knowledge.
Steph, the principal instructor, said that the course was targeted in the right way for the demographic of people in attendance. “The tutor took into account the ages of those on the course and gave us ways to adapt things if participants found it difficult to do certain things.”
Anna, another volunteer, agreed that the resources that each person got to take away were helpful and has even used the qualification to support some of the other volunteering she undertakes in Trafford.
As part of the funding, a first aid kit was also provided, which was of benefit to each group as it means that the Healthy Hips and Hearts group now have their own kit and resources that they keep just for themselves, which gives them all more confidence.
One Healthy Hips and Hearts group often goes out on trips and social gatherings so having the volunteers qualified in first aid has also become essential for these outings. These outings can be made with confidence for the participants that help is at hand should it be needed.

The opportunity to gain a first aid qualification has certainly been positive and beneficial for groups across the borough.


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